What is Scrap?

Scrap definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a small piece or portion; fragment: a scrap of paper.
scraps, bits or pieces of food, especially of leftover or discarded food.the remains of animal fat after the oil has been tried out.

a detached piece of something written or printed: scraps of poetry.
an old, discarded, or rejected item or substance for use in reprocessing or as raw material, as old metal that can be melted and reworked.
chips, cuttings, fragments, or other small pieces of raw material removed, cut away, flaked off, etc., in the process of making or manufacturing an item.

consisting of scraps or fragments.
existing in the form of fragments or remnants of use only for reworking, as metal.

discarded or left over.

verb (used with object), scrapped, scrap