What is Review ?

Review is (noun) 1. written comments on something, e.g. a book, play or film, published in a newspaper or magazine Did you read the review of her latest film in today’s paper? His book got some very good reviews. 2. a monthly or weekly magazine which contains articles of general interest His first short story appeared in a Scottish literary review. 3. an examination of several things together the company’s annual review of each department’s performance 4. a general inspection of the army, navy, etc. A naval review will be held on the king’s birthday. (NOTE: Do not confuse with revue.) (verb) 1. to read a book, see a film, etc., and write comments about it in a newspaper or magazine Her exhibition was reviewed in today’s paper. Whoever reviewed her latest book, obviously didn’t like it. 2. to inspect someone or something, e.g. soldiers, sailors or ships The general rode on horseback to review the troops. 3. to examine something in a general way The bank will review our overdraft position at the end of the month. Let’s review the situation in the light of the new developments. 4. US to study a lesson again You must review your geography before the exam. (NOTE: The British term is to revise.)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level