What is psalter?

psalter meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

A liturgical book containing the 150 Psalms of the Bible, usually combined with the calendar of Church feasts, Old Testament canticles, creeds, litany of saints, and additional prayers. Prior to the emergence of the Book of Hours in the 13th century, the psalter was also the most important book used in private devotion. The 15th-century Burnet Psalter is a particularly fine example (University of Aberdeen Library, AUL MS 25). Medieval psalters were often beautifully illuminated, especially the initial letter “B” of the first word (Beatus) of the first Psalm (Bodleian Library, MS Lat.liturg.d.42). The unfinished Eadui Psalter of the 11th century contains a similar example (British Library, Arundel 155). The life of King David, to whom most of the Psalms are attributed, is often the subject of historiated initials and miniatures in medieval psalters (see this example). Click here to page through a series of historiated initials in a 13th-century French psalter (Getty Museum, MS 66).


reference: ABC-CLIO