What is Rocked?

Rocked definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used without object)
to move or sway to and fro or from side to side.
to be moved or swayed powerfully with excitement, emotion, etc.

Mining. (of sand or gravel) to be washed in a cradle.
to dance to or play rock music.
(of popular music) to have the driving beat characteristic of rock.
Slang. to be very good, impressive, exciting, or effective: This show really rocks.

verb (used with object)
to move or sway to and fro or from side to side, especially gently and soothingly: Oh, look! Her big brother is rocking the baby to sleep.
to lull in security, hope, etc.

to affect deeply; stun; move or sway powerfully, as with emotion: Everyone in the courtroom was rocked by the verdict.
to shake or disturb violently: A thunderous explosion rocked the waterfront.
Slang. to stir up; animate: We’re gonna rock this joint tonight!to use, wear, or display in a showy, self-confident manner or to great effect: Only you could rock that hat! The game rocks some amazing new features.

Graphic Arts. to roughen the surface of (a copperplate) with a rocker preparatory to scraping a mezzotint.
Mining. cradle(def 22).

a rocking movement: the gentle rock of the boat.
rock-‘n’-roll(def 1).