Palm off

What is Palm off?

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the part of the inner surface of the hand that extends from the wrist to the bases of the fingers.
the corresponding part of the forefoot of an animal.
the part of a glove covering this part of the hand.
Also called sailmaker’s palm. a stiff rawhide or metal shield worn over this part of the hand by sailmakers to serve as a thimble.
a linear measure of from 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm), based on the breadth of the hand.
a linear measure of from 7 to 10 inches (17.5 to 25 cm), based on the length of the hand.
the flat, expanded part of the horn or antler of a deer.
a flat, widened part at the end of an armlike projection.

  1. the blade of an oar.
  2. the inner face of an anchor fluke.
  3. (loosely) an anchor fluke.
a flat-topped bearing member at the head of a stanchion.