What is Bumper?

Bumper definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a person or thing that bumps.
a metal guard, usually horizontal, for protecting the front or rear of an automobile, truck, etc.
any protective rim, guard, pad, or disk for absorbing shock and preventing damage from bumping, as a rubber-tipped doorstop or an old tire on the side of a boat.
a cup or glass filled to the brim, as with beer.

Informal. something unusually large.
a person who molds bricks by hand.
Foundry. a machine for ramming sand into a mold.
a carangid fish, Chlorosombrus chrysurus, of southern U.S. and Cuban coastal seas.
Television Slang. a brief announcement about a news story to be covered later in the programming.

unusually abundant: Bumper crops reaped a big profit for local farmers.

verb (used with object)
to fill to the brim.


reference: www.dictionary.com/browse/bumper