What is Kicks?

Kicks definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used with object)
to strike with the foot or feet: to kick the ball; to kick someone in the shins.
to drive, force, make, etc., by or as if by kicks.

Football. to score (a field goal or a conversion) by place-kicking or drop-kicking the ball.
Informal. to make (a car) increase in speed, especially in auto racing: He kicked his car into high gear.
to strike in recoiling: The gun kicked his shoulder.
Slang. to give up or break (a drug addiction): Has he kicked the habit?
Poker. raise(def 24).
Chiefly South Atlantic States. to reject as a suitor; jilt: He courted her for two yearsa??then she kicked him.

verb (used without object)
to make a rapid, forceful thrust with the foot or feet: He kicked at the ball. You have to kick rapidly when using a crawl stroke.
to have a tendency to strike with the foot or feet: That horse kicks when you walk into his stall.

Informal. to resist, object, or complain: What’s he got to kick about?
to recoil, as a firearm when fired.
to be actively or vigorously involved: He’s still alive and kicking.

the act of kicking; a blow or thrust with the foot or feet.
power or disposition to kick: That horse has a mean kick.

Informal. an objection or complaint.
Informal. thrill; pleasurable excitement: His biggest kick comes from telling about the victory. a strong but temporary interest, often an activity: Making mobiles is his latest kick.

Informal. a stimulating or intoxicating quality in alcoholic drink. vim, vigor, or energy.

Football. an instance of kicking the ball. any method of kicking the ball: place kick. a kicked ball. the distance such a ball travels. a turn at kicking the ball.

a recoil, as of a gun.
Slang. a pocket: He kept his wallet in his side kick.
kicks, Slang. shoe(def 1).
Glassmaking. a solid glass base or an indentation at the base of drinking glasses, bottles, etc., that reduces the liquid capacity of the glassware.Also called punt, kick-up. an indentation at the base of a wine bottle, originally for trapping the sediment.

Verb Phrases
kick about, to move from place to place frequently: He kicked about a good deal before settling down.
kick around, Informal. to treat (someone) harshly or inconsiderately. to consider, discuss, or speculate about (a proposal, project, etc.): We kicked around various ideas for raising money. to experiment with. to pass time idly; wander from place to place aimlessly: We just kicked around for a year after college. to remain unused, unemployed, or unnoticed: The script has been kicking around for years.

kick back, to recoil, especially vigorously or unexpectedly.Informal. to give someone a kickback.Slang. to return (stolen property, money, etc.) to the owner. to relax: Let’s just kick back and enjoy the weekend.

kick in, to contribute one’s share, especially in money.Slang. to die. to become operational; activate; go into effect: The air conditioning kicks in when the temperature reaches 80A?F.

kick off, Football. to begin play or begin play again by a kickoff: The Giants won the toss and elected to kick off.Slang. to die. to initiate (an undertaking, meeting, etc.); begin: A rally tomorrow night will kick off the campaign.

kick on, to switch on; turn on: He kicked on the motor and we began to move.
kick out, Informal. to oust or eject: They have been kicked out of the country club. to fail; give out: The power kicked out and the room went black. to separate off, as for review or inspection: The computer kicked out the information in a split second.Surfing. to turn a surfboard by shifting the weight to the rear, causing the surfboard to come down over the top of a wave, in order to stop a ride.

kick over, Informal. (of an internal-combustion engine) to begin ignition; turn over: The engine kicked over a few times but we couldn’t get it started.
kick up, to drive or force upward by kicking. to stir up (trouble); make or cause (a disturbance, scene, etc.): They kicked up a tremendous row. (especially of a machine part) to move rapidly upward: The lever kicks up, engaging the gear. kip5(def 2).