What is Cans?

Cans definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a sealed container for food, beverages, etc., as of aluminum, sheet iron coated with tin, or other metal: a can of soup.
a receptacle for garbage, ashes, etc.: a trash can.
a bucket, pail, or other container for holding or carrying liquids: water can.
a drinking cup; tankard.

a metal or plastic container for holding film on cores or reels.
Slang: Usually Vulgar. toilet; bathroom.
Slang. jail: He’s been in the can for a week.
Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. buttocks.
cans, Slang. a set of headphones designed to cover the ears. Compare earbuds.
Military Slang. a depth charge. a destroyer.

verb (used with object), canned, canA.ning.
to preserve by sealing in a can, jar, etc.
Slang. to dismiss; fire.

Slang. to throw (something) away.
Slang. to put a stop to: Can that noise!
to record, as on film or tape.