What is End ?

End is (noun) 1. the last part of something She tied the two ends of the ribbon together. The telephone rang and I missed the end of the TV programme. Go down to the end of the road and then turn right. in the end finally, at last In the end the teacher let him go home. In the end the shop had to call in the police. on end with no breaks He worked for hours on end. no end of very many (informal.) The car’s caused us no end of problems. to come to an end to be finished The work should come to an end next month. to throw someone in at the deep end to give someone a difficult job to start with He was really thrown in at the deep end when he started his new job. to be at a loose end to have nothing to do I was at a loose end so I decided to go to the cinema. to make ends meet to have enough money to live on I’m having trouble making ends meet. 2. the final part of a period of time Can you wait until the end of the week? 3. an aim or an intended result the end justifies the means you can do anything to achieve your aim to this end, with this end in mind in order to do this We have decided to sell the house and to this end have put it in the hands of an estate agent. (verb) to be finished, to come to an end The film ends with a wedding. The meeting ended with everyone fighting on the floor. The concert should end at about 10 o’clock. The game ended in a draw.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level