Digital package part

What is Digital package part?

Digital package part meaning in Digital terms is One part of a digital package. Like the package itself, the digital item part is virtual or conceptual. It correlates to one part of the original item that has been reformatted. For example, a digital item part might represent a specific book page ("page 3") or the audio for side B of a 78 rpm phonodisc. The digital data that can actually be displayed as an image of the page or the sound of the disc side is contained in a digital file. In most reformatting applications, there will be multiple digital files for each digital item part, e.g., an archival master, a productionmaster, and one or more derivative files. There is no strictly comparable term from PREMIS. The digital package part represents a conceptual entity that lies between what PREMIS calls the file and the representation; see pp. 6-7 in the Introduction and Supporting Materials from PREMIS Data Dictionary.


reference: Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative – Glossary