What is Weather?

Weather is (noun) 1. conditions outside, e.g. if it is raining, hot, cold or sunny What’s the weather going to be like today? The weather in Iceland is usually colder than here. Rain every day – just normal English summer weather! If the weather gets any better, then we can go out in the boat. in all weathers in every type of weather He works outside in all weathers and never gets a cold. 2. to make heavy weather of something to make something you are doing more difficult and complicated than you need to We asked him to sort out the invoices but he’s really making heavy weather of it. (verb) 1. to have a gradual effect on a substance such as stone or wood through the action of weather on it The rocks have been weathered into curious shapes. The wooden fence was dark brown but now it has weathered to a light grey colour. 2. to live through a difficult or dangerous situation without being harmed or defeated I don’t know if we can weather this crisis without any extra cash.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level