What is Tell ?

Tell is (verb) 1. to communicate something to someone, e.g. a story or a joke She told me a long story about how she got lost in London. I don’t think they are telling the truth. 2. to give information to someone The policeman told them how to get to the post office. He told the police that he had seen the accident take place. Don’t tell my mother you saw me at the pub. Nobody told us about the picnic. 3. to tell someone what to do to give someone instructions The teacher told the children to stand in a line. Give a shout to tell us when to start. 4. to notice something He can’t tell the difference between butter and margarine. You can tell he is embarrassed when his face goes red. 5. to tell the time to be able to read the time from a clock He’s only three, but he can already tell the time. (NOTE: telling told)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level