What is Star?

Star definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
any of the heavenly bodies, except the moon, appearing as fixed luminous points in the sky at night.
Astronomy. any of the large, self-luminous, heavenly bodies, as the sun, Polaris, etc.

any heavenly body.
Astrology. a heavenly body, especially a planet, considered as influencing humankind and events.
a person’s destiny, fortune, temperament, etc., regarded as influenced and determined by the stars.
a conventionalized figure usually having five or six points radiating from or disposed about a center.
this figure used as an ornament, award, badge, mark of excellence, etc.: The movie was awarded three stars.
Jewelry. a gem having the star cut.the asterism in a crystal or a gemstone, as in a star sapphire.a crystal or a gemstone having such facet.

Printing. an asterisk.
a person who is celebrated or distinguished in some art, profession, or other field.
a prominent actor, singer, or the like, especially one who plays the leading role in a performance.
U.S. Military. battle star.
U.S. Navy. a gold or bronze star worn on the ribbon of a decoration or medal to represent a second or subsequent award of the same decoration or medal.a silver star worn in place of five gold or bronze stars.

a white spot on the forehead of a horse.
Heraldry. a mullet.

celebrated, prominent, or distinguished; preeminent: a star basketball player; a star reporter.
of or relating to a star or stars.

verb (used with object), starred, star