What is Long?

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adjective, longA.er [lawng-ger, long-] /E?lE?A?a??gE?r, E?lE?A?-/, longA.est [lawng-gist, long-] /E?lE?A?a??gEast, E?lE?A?-/.
having considerable linear extent in space: a long distance; a long handle.
having considerable duration in time: a long conversation; a long while.

extending, lasting, or totaling a number of specified units: eight miles long; eight hours long.
containing many items or units: a long list.
requiring a considerable time to relate, read, etc.: a long story.
extending beyond normal or moderate limits: a long, boring speech.
experienced as passing slowly, because of the difficulty, tedium, or unpleasantness involved: long years of study.
reaching well into the past: a long memory.
the longer of two or the longest of several: the long way home; a brick with the long side exposed.
taking a long time; slow: He’s certainly long getting here.
forward-looking or considering all aspects; broad: to take a long view of life.
intense, thorough, or critical; seriously appraising: a long look at one’s past mistakes.
having an ample supply or endowment of something (often followed by on): to be long on advice; to be long on brains.
having a considerable time to run, as a promissory note.
Chiefly Law. distant or remote in time: a long date.
extending relatively far: a man with a long reach.
being higher or taller than usual: long casement windows.
being against great odds; unlikely: a long chance.
(of beverages) mixed or diluted with a large amount of soda, seltzer, etc.: highballs, collinses, and other long drinks.
(of the head or skull) of more than ordinary length from front to back.
Phonetics. lasting a relatively long time: a??Feeda?? has a longer sound than a??feeta?? or a??fit.a?? belonging to a class of sounds considered as usually longer in duration than another class, as the vowel of bought as compared to that of but, and in many languages serving as a distinctive feature of phonemes, as the ah in German Bahn in contrast with the a in Bann, or the tt in Italian fatto in contrast with the t in fato (opposed to short). having the sound of the English vowels in mate, meet, mite, mote, moot, and mute, historically descended from vowels that were long in duration.

Prosody. (of a syllable in quantitative verse) lasting a longer time than a short syllable.
Finance. holding or accumulating stocks, futures, commodities, etc., with the expectation of a rise in prices: a long position in chemicals.
Gambling. marked by a large difference in the numbers of the given betting ratio or in the amounts wagered: long odds. of or relating to the larger amount bet.

Ceramics. (of clay) very plastic; fat.

a comparatively long time: They haven’t been gone for long. Will it take long?
something that is long: The signal was two longs and a short.

a size of garment for men who are taller than average.
a garment, as a suit or overcoat, in this size: The shorts and the longs are hung separately.
Finance. a person who accumulates or holds stocks or commodities with the expectation of a rise in prices.
Music. longa.

for or through a great extent of space or, especially, time: a reform long advocated.
for or throughout a specified extent, especially of time: How long did he stay?

(used elliptically in referring to the length of an absence, delay, etc.): Will she be long?
throughout a specified period of time (usually used to emphasize a preceding noun): It’s been muggy all summer long.
at a point of time far distant from the time indicated: long before.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/long