What is Hop ?

Hop is (verb) 1. to jump on one leg He hurt his toe and had to hop around on one foot. to be hopping mad very angry (informal.) He was hopping mad when they told him his car had been stolen. 2. (of a bird or animals) to jump with both feet together Magpies were hopping across the grass. The frog hopped onto the lily pad. hop it! go away! (informal.) 3. to hop in to get in (informal.) I stopped the car and told him to hop in. to hop on or off to get on or off With the old London buses, you can hop on and off anywhere along the street, although it can be dangerous. (NOTE: hopping – hopped) (noun) 1. a little jump Magpies walk in a series of little hops. to catch someone on the hop to catch someone unexpectedly (informal.) 2. a short flight It’s only a short hop from London to Paris. 3. the bitter dead flower of a climbing plant, used in making beer Hops are used to give the bitter flavour to British beer.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level