What is Home ?

Home is (noun) 1. the place where you live Their home is a flat in the centre of London. Will you be at home tomorrow evening? When do you leave home for work in the morning? to make yourself at home to do as if you were in your own home He lay down on my sofa, opened a bottle of beer, and made himself at home. to be a home from home to be a comfortable and welcoming place, just like your home The hotel is a real home from home. nothing to write home about nothing very exciting or special (informal.) His new job is nothing to write home about. 2. an area where you come from She lives in London but her home is the mountains of Wales. His home is in the West Country. 3. a house They are building fifty new homes on the outskirts of the village. 4. a house where people are looked after My aunt has moved to an old people’s home. 5. at home (in sports) on the local sports ground Our team is playing at home next Saturday. 6. a family or household She comes from a broken home. (adv) towards the place where you usually live We’ve got to go home now. He usually gets home by 7 o’clock. Don’t send it – I’ll take it home with me. If you don’t want to walk, you can always take the bus home. (NOTE: used without a preposition: He went home or She’s coming home.) (adj) 1. referring to where you live or where you were born My home town is Birmingham. Send the letter to my home address, not to my office. 2. (in sports) local the home side won Our team beat the home team 3-0. We have a home game next Saturday. 3. in this country; not abroad Home sales were better than exports last month. They find it difficult selling into the home market.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level