What is Claim ?

Claim is (noun) 1. asking for money His claim for a pay increase was turned down. 2. a statement of something which you believe to be true but have no proof His claim that the car belonged to him was correct. Synonym assertion 3. a demand for money against an insurance policy After the floods, insurance companies received hundreds of claims. to put in or submit a claim to ask the insurance company officially to pay damages I put in a claim for repairs to the car. She submitted a claim for £250,000 damages against the driver of the other car.(verb) 1. to demand something as a right Steel workers have claimed huge pay rises. If they charged you too much you must claim a refund. 2. to state, but without any proof He claims he never received the letter. She claims that the car belongs to her. 3. to say you own something which has been left behind or lost No one has claimed the umbrella found in my office, so I am going to keep it.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level