What is Contract?

Contract meaning A legal instrument by which a non-Federal entity purchases property or services needed to carry out the project or program under a Federal award. The term as used in 45 CFR 75 does not include a legal instrument, even if the non-Federal entity considers it a contract, when the substance of the transaction meets the definition of a Federal award or subaward. (See NIH Grants Policy Statement: 1 Glossary 1.2 Definition of Terms Subaward)


reference: Glossary of NIH Terms



What is contract?

contract meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

A legally binding written agreement between an employer and (1) an individual librarian or other member of the library staff or (2) librarians and/or staff organized in a collective bargaining unit for the purpose of negotiating terms of employment (salaries and wages, duties and responsibilities, promotion and tenure, vacation and sick leave, benefits, etc.), usually for a specified period of time. See also: book contract and breach of contract.


reference: ABC-CLIO