What is Chinaman?

Chinaman definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
noun, plural
Older Use: Offensive. a term used to refer to a Chinese person or a person of Chinese descent.
(often lowercase) Older Slang: Offensive. a person regarded as one’s benefactor, sponsor, or protector: to see one’s chinaman about a favor.
(lowercase) Archaic. a person who imports or sells china.

a Chinaman’s chance, Older Use: Offensive. the slightest chance: He hasn’t a Chinaman’s chance of getting that job.

Origin of ChinamanFirst recorded in 1765a??75; China + -man

Usage noteHistorically, Chinaman was a neutral compound word, similar to Irishman or Englishman , but it began to take on negative connotations in the 19th century, when many Chinese immigrants went to work in the American West. The expression a Chinaman’s chance originally made reference to these Chinese laborers, though the exact origin of the phrase is disputed.